Postpartum Doula Support

As a postpartum doula I provide practical and emotional support for women and families through the early weeks and months of parenthood. My goal is to assist YOUR growing family and YOUR unique needs by creating a nourishing environment for the whole family. I believe the postnatal time can be an opportunity to deeply rest, restore, and reset - a chance to thrive, not just survive.  



Doula for the Day

Imagine delighting in a warm oil massage, followed by soaking in a warm tub, and then stretching out for a nap while dinner is being prepared. Does this sound too good to be true? It's not! Welcome to the Doula for the Day.  

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Sanctuary Doulas

 Looking for more than one day of postpartum care? At Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas I offer traditional and ayurvedic postpartum doula support and traditional and ayurvedic postpartum massage to families in their homes after the arrival of a new baby in conjunction with a team of other birth professionals. 


Postpartum Massage 

After a baby arrives many mamas experience "nursing neck", repetitive motion injuries, and discomforts that come from snuggling sweet babies. Massage away the aches and pain and enjoy being a mama again with traditional or ayurvedic postpartum massage at my office or in your home.  

I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to have a third person, ideally, an ayurdoula who can take care of the mom’s needs (her mental and physical health) immediately after giving birth. Little babies are so overwhelming and when I speak to my friends, they talked about how it was a difficult transition for them. Having had an ayurdoula here, while there were a few moments of being overwhelmed (and my husband got the brunt of it) I didn’t feel that way anywhere near as much as my friends. And you can afford it, too. We registered for doula care instead of stuff (most of which you won’t ever use.) ... If you’re going to use an ayurdoula, I recommend Faith. She’s skilled in not just ayurvedic methods, but also in babies and massage. She also has a wonderful pleasant personality and was a joy to have in our home.
— ME, Denver Highlands Mama

Doula for the Day

New mamas need a day off. Or a day with a chef, massage therapist, and baby whisperer. Give yourself (or the new mama) in your life a break with this one time gift of a "postpartum doula for the day".

This 4 hour session includes: new mamas warm oil massage, bath, nap, meal for the family, hot milk tonic, optional infant massage instruction, time for questions and support, and mama nourishment.  Appropriate for women from 24 hours to 6 months postpartum.

Rate: $250  (includes all food and massage supplies)

At Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas, it’s out deepest desire to bring women’s postpartum experience to its fullest potential by unearthing its treasures- fierce love, reverence, beauty, abundance, blessings, trials and tribulations that foster growth during one of the life’s most transformative seasons- mamahood! We envision a community of of families who thrive on abundant postpartum care that has the potential to create transformational inner and interpersonal experiences for women, their wee ones and families, as well as the larger family of humanity.
— Michele Kolakowski, Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas Founder

Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas

The Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas are an exceptional group of women trained to ease the growing family's transition after the arrival of a new baby (or babies!). As a postpartum doula I provide practical and emotional support for women and families through the early weeks and months of parenthood. My goal is to assist YOUR growing family and YOUR unique needs by creating a nourishing environment for the whole family. I believe the postnatal time can be an opportunity to deeply rest, restore, and reset - a chance to thrive, not just survive.  

 How does this happen? Emotional support for mother, baby, and family; infant care and soothing instruction; massage for mother, partner, and visiting family; practical household help (light cleaning, laundry, meal and schedule planning, etc); meal preparation; infant massage instruction; breastfeeding and bottle feeding support; attentive activities for older children; connecting to communities of mamas; referrals to continuing lactation, birth, and postpartum professionals. 

I highly recommend coordinating support before your baby arrives so that you can know you are taken care of in the early days and beyond. The beauty of the Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas is that you can enlist our support ahead of time and decide on your exact care plan after baby arrives. Baby already in arms? We are happy to work with you too! For details, rates, and schedule please visit

Faith is so kind and considerate. We are using her as our postpartum doula and she thinks of everything and is so supportive in our transition to parenthood. I get weekly massage and she helps me and my body relax and calms my nervous system. The best!
— NS, Boulder Mama

Postpartum Massage

Receive physical support for all the changes you experience after your baby (or babies) arrive. Postnatal massage supports recovery after vaginal and cesarean births and can help relieve neck and shoulder tension associated with infant feeding and care; repetitive motion injuries to wrists from diaper changes, burping, and holding babies; and physical strains from returning to exercise. Sessions available in-home or in-office. Babies under 12 weeks are welcome at all sessions with mama. 

Postnatal Mama Massage - In this session of any length allow tensions created by caring for a young baby, sleeping in strange positions, and the ever changing postnatal body to melt away under warm soothing strokes. Special attention paid to shoulder, chest, belly, cesarean scar recovery, hip tension, and grounding.  Appropriate for mamas 24 hours after vaginal and cesarean births. Mamas may consider themselves postpartum as long as they choose. Rate vary.

Cesarean Recovery Massage- All the joys of a postnatal mama massage but with special focus on your baby's "window into the world". Receive appropriate belly work and learn gentle scar massage and basic core recovery to continue your healing at home. Rates vary.

Ayurvedic Postnatal Mama Massage- In this 75 minute session allow yourself to be wrapped in the bliss of warm oil soothing away the aches of early motherhood and grounding you back into your body. Ayurvedic postpartum mama massage is an ancient Indian therapy that rejuvenates the body by drenching hard working tissues in nourishing warm oil and soothing the mind with rhythmic strokes over the whole body. Benefits are said to include abundant lactation, grounded mind and happy mood, deep rest, and good digestion. The session closes with time to rest and soak in the oil. Please wear comfy clothing that may get some oil on it as you drive home. Appropriate for mamas immediately following a vaginal birth or 7-10 days following a cesarean birth up to 6 months postpartum.  Special session rate: $110

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