Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas

Through Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas I offer traditional and ayurvedic postpartum doula support  to families in their homes after the arrival of a new baby. To inquire about rates and available please contact Michele at

At Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas, it’s our deepest desire to bring women’s postpartum experience to its fullest potential by unearthing its treasures – fierce love, reverence, beauty, abundance, blessings, trials and tribulations that foster growth during one of life’s most transformative seasons – mamahood! We envision a community of families who thrive on abundant postpartum care that has the potential to create transformational inner and interpersonal experiences for women, their wee ones and families, as well as the larger family of humanity.
— Michele Kolakowski, founder of Sanctuary Postpartum Doulas

As a postpartum doula I provide practical and emotional support for women and families through the early weeks and months of parenthood. My goal is to assist YOUR growing family and YOUR unique needs.

Some services include:

- emotional support for mother, baby, and family

- infant care and soothing instruction

- infant massage instruction

- practical household help (light cleaning, laundry, meal and schedule planning, etc.)

- meal preparation

- warm oil massage for mother and tradiitonal massage for partner and visiting family

- breastfeeding positioning and comfort support

- attentive activities for older children

- referrals to continuing lactation, birth, and postpartum professionals



Are you looking for the perfect postpartum gift? Are you a new mama in need of a break? Let me nourish mama and baby as a Doula for the Day!

Imagine delighting in a warm oil massage, followed by soaking in a warm tub, and then stretching out for a nap while dinner is being prepared. Does this sound too good to be true? It's not! Welcome to the doula for the day concept.

New mamas need a day off. Give yourself (or the new mama) in your life a break with this one time gift of "doula for the day".

3.5-4 hour session includes: new mamas warm oil massage -  bath - nap - meal-  hot milk tonic - optional infant massage instruction - questions and support - mama nourishment

Appropriate for women from 24 hours to 6 months postpartum. 

Rate: $275

Please schedule with Faith ahead of time as availability is limited. 

When everything is falling apart, Faith comes in and puts everything back together perfectly. She is a warm, kind, and caring person. She is an amazing cook, an amazing massage therapist, and amazing with babies! I call her, “The Baby Whisperer.” She is passionate about her job and it comes through in all she does. We feel so lucky to have had her work with our family and would highly recommend her to anyone.
— L.J.
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"We loved having Faith as our doula! She really helped us get through those first few weeks with two kiddos." - E.M.

"I can't emphasis enough how important it is to have a third person, ideally, an ayurdoula who can take care of the mom's needs (her mental and physical health) immediately after giving birth. Little babies are so overwhelming and when I speak to my friends, they talked about how it was a difficult transition for them. Having had an ayurdoula here, while there were a few moments of being overwhelmed (and my husband got the brunt of it) I didn't feel that way anywhere near as much as my friends. And you can afford it, too. We registered for doula care instead of stuff (most of which you won't ever use.) And if you're going to use an ayurdoula, I recommend Faith. She's skilled in not just aryuvedic methods, but also in babies and massage. She also has a wonderful pleasant personality and was a joy to have in our home."- E.M.