Maternity Massage

Taking Care of Mom Means Taking Care of Baby

Faith’s prenatal massages are so relaxing and thorough! She has a great presence during the session and offers you to connect to your baby so that your massage is benefiting both you and baby! I would highly recommend anyone who is pregnant to go get a massage from Faith. It is so worth it to work out those sore muscles and get a little you time! I am truly in bliss each session!
— A.M. Second-Time Mama

     Congratulations on your growing family! Massage during this amazing and transformational time in life supports mom and baby through the physical and emotional roller-coaster of conception, pregnancy, and postpartum. Benefits of prenatal massage and postpartum massage include ease from the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and early newborn care, better sleep, emotional and physical support for the natural changes of the body, and increased mama-baby bonding.  

     Faith is a Certified Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Massage Therapist. This means she has specialized training  and experience in safe and effective positioning and techniques for every stage of pregnancy, both healthy and high-risk. She uses this knowledge to create a blissful, relaxing environment in which mom and baby take time-off and find relief from the physical and emotional rigors of pregnancy. 

     In our busy world it can feel like there are many things more important than taking care of yourself. Whether you are becoming a mother for the first time or the fifth, it is important to carve out time for you and the new baby. I offer packages to make it easier to plan. These make an amazing gift for yourself or the new mothers in your life. 


Prenatal Massage

For many women massage is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity to stay healthy, active, and pain free during pregnancy. Prenatal massage varies between relaxing massage bliss for you and your baby and focused treatment work to relieve  aches and pains. Typically this session blends swedish and deep tissue bodywork, but is tailored to the transforming needs of your pregnant body. Benefits of prenatal massage include: decreasing stress hormone levels by increasing endorphins to mom and baby, improving mood and quality of sleep, reducing maternal anxiety and increasing maternal energy, alleviating stress on weight-bearing joints and muscular structure that are stressed by the many rapid body changes that occur with pregnancy, providing educational, emotional, and physical support for the natural changes associated with pregnancy.   Come once, come weekly, or anything in between. 


Postnatal Massage

 And of course after the baby arrives... you need massage more than ever. Relieve tensions created by birth, caring for a young baby, sleeping in strange positions, and the ever changing postnatal body. Special attention paid to shoulder, chest, belly, cesarean scar recovery, hip tension, and grounding. Benefits of postnatal massage include: alleviating muscles strain from labor, delivery, and infant care, releases endorphins which decrease pain sensation and create feelings of love and well-being, relieves fatigue from sleep deprivation, realigns spine and pelvic to improve posture, increase mother-baby bonding. Babies up to three months may join mamas in the session or enjoy a walk with partner on the nearby Goose Creek Path. Appropriate for mamas 24 hours after vaginal and cesarean births. Mamas may consider themselves postpartum as long as they choose. 


Ayurvedic Postnatal Massage 

 Ayurvedic Postnatal Mama Massage- In this 75 minute session allow yourself to be wrapped in the bliss of warm oil soothing away the aches of early motherhood and grounding you back into your body. Ayurvedic postpartum mama massage is an ancient Indian therapy that rejuvenates the body by drenching hard working tissues in nourishing warm oil and soothing the mind with rhythmic strokes over the whole body. Benefits are said to include abundant lactation, grounded mind and happy mood, deep rest, and good digestion. The session closes with time to rest and soak in the oil. Please wear comfy clothing that will get some oil on it as you drive home. Appropriate for mamas immediately following a vaginal birth or 7-10 days following a cesarean birth up to 6 months postpartum.  Special session rate: $110  

Rates and Schedule

30 minutes - $50     60 minutes - $80     75 minutes - $92     90 minutes - $110     120 minutes - $150

Fall 2016 In-Office Session Availability:  Mon 8-7    Wed 3-7   Thur 8-7

Fall 2016 In-Home/Hospital Session Availability: Tues 4-7   Fri 4-7


Prenatal and postnatal sessions are available in-office,  in-home, or in-hospital in every trimester of pregnancy to mamas experiencing healthy and high risk pregnancy. In home sessions have a $20 travel fee and in hospital sessions have a $30 travel fee. All sessions are by appointment only. At times the calendar does fill up. I recommend scheduling  two weeks in advance if you have a specific time in mind. Please schedule 75 minutes or longer for initial sessions to allow time to discuss your health history and enjoy a full session of hands-on healing and bodywork. If you need to change or cancel your session for any reason please allow 24 hours notice so that your time may be offered to another client. The exception to this is birth! Please simply let me know you are in labor- there is no charge!


Packages are valid for one year from date of purchase and may be shared between partners or spouses.  

 Packages: 6 sessions- 5% discount     12 sessions- 10% discount

I have seen Faith for a number of years - initially for sports massage, now for prenatal. She is always so in tune to what my body needs, has the perfect touch, and provides a comforting, calming, and healing space to completely relax and enjoy!
— S.R. Cyclist and Mama

Babies Welcome in Sessions

Babies up to three months are welcome to join their mamas in session. Some will nap in the special baby bassinet at the JOY office, others will nurse on the table during mamas massage, and still others will stare happily at our ceiling mobile. Know yourself and whether bringing baby to your session will be relaxing or challenging for you. 

Partners, friends, or family are also welcome to walk with babies on the nearby Goose Creek Path or to enjoy a cup of tea with baby in our Babies Room at JOY Collective. 

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