Celebrating 10 Years of Faith Davis Massage and Yoga LLC!

This week we are celebrating 10 years of Faith Davis Massage and Yoga LLC!

We are so grateful that some of you have been coming in for massages for that full 10 years.

In our earliest years we met clients during pre and postnatal massage training, traveling with a co-ed cycling team to multi-day stage races, and at my sweet little first office on Pearl St. Then we met at the “Treehouse” office, in yoga classes, at physical therapy and chiropractic offices, and at the Mama’hood’s Boulder location. For five years now (another anniversary this month!) we have been gathering in our Joy Collective office with our sauna, serene in-office fountain, and an incredible wealth of practitioners . In our decade in massage, we’ve supported families through many life events including babies arriving, beloved family members passing away, and before and after important surgeries. We’ve cheered you on in races, at work, and as you nurtured your body back to health.  Whether we met a decade ago, or you just found our practice this week, we are so glad to have been part of your journey! 

We are grateful for your support as we have grown, and we hope you will continue to let us support your growth. In honor of the expertise acquired with 10 years of full-time hands-on body therapy experience and continuing education, it is time to raise our rates again. New rates will go into effect on November 1 and all current clients are welcome (and encouraged) to buy a discounted package of massages before that date in the office or online.

We value massage therapy as a core part of your healthcare, not as a luxury, so as we raise our rates we are creating options to continue to make massage accessible to all clients.

For the first time, we will have varied rates in our practice. Jeanne will offer sessions at a $10 discount for a few months to ease this transition and it is my goal to bring in an exceptional intern to expand our hours and offerings by the start of 2020.  We also love working with your HSA or FSA funds! Many cover massage therapy - some with a prescription and some without - so please inquire with yours for details. 

New rates effective November 1st: 

In-office sessions:

30 minutes - $55

60 minutes - $100

75 minutes - $115

90 minutes - $135

120 minutes - $180 

In-home sessions:

75 minutes - $155

90 minutes - $175

120 minutes - $220

Four other important changes:

  1. 60 minute sessions will no longer be bookable online. We are seeing far more benefit for clients in sessions 75 minutes or longer and will only be booking 60-minute sessions for clients where appropriate to their specific treatment plan.

  2. Please give 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a session. With our hands on clients, 24 hours is too short a time for us to contact our waitlist and fill sessions. Of course- illness, emergency, and going into labor are still exceptions to this policy!

  3. We will return to having a 3% convenience fee for payment by credit or debit card online, through Stripe in the office, or through Square in the office or over the phone. This last year we experimented with taking on those fees ourselves and as a very small office, we have found it to be overly burdensome. Cash and check payments will essentially be “discounted”.

  4. Our winter weather policy is shifting! We want our weather plan to be clear for all clients and even though you love massage, we want you to be safe! If Boulder Valley School District is closed, all sessions will be rescheduled. If BVSD is delayed all sessions before 10 am will be rescheduled. BVSD announces delay and closure on the top of their main website page.