Get Yourself Together September

I love to give each month of the year a theme and for the last decade the theme of September has been “Get Yourself Together September”, or when I’m feeling sassy- “Get Your Sh*t Together September”. At this time of year I feel a strong pull to turn inward from the exuberance and movement of summer and to assess what the year still holds for me. Sometimes this looks very practical. After vacation, weekends spent camping or playing outdoors, and an influx of summer visitors, September is a great month to sit at my desk and go through the mail - both physical piles and email piles- that may have been ignored while I spent less time on technology and more time outdoors in the sun. 

In other ways, the pull is at a soul level. I have for many years treated September as my personal new year - and I’m not alone- earlier this week jewish people around the world observed Rosh Hashanah- Jewish new year. I use this time for reviewing the year that has been, setting goals and intentions, deciding which projects are important to my business and my life, scheduling the self-care my body craves, and clearing away things (physical, emotional, and mental) from the last year that no longer serve me. I invite you to join me to “Get Yourself Together” this September in whatever way feels right to you. If you need a jumping off point, grab a journal or your calendar and try a few of these reflections:

  • Write down 5 accomplishments big or small from the past year. Write 3 more accomplishments you want to begin or complete by January 1st.

  • Write down 1-3 projects you are ready to begin. Now, what 1-3 things do you want to clear off your plate in order to make room for these new projects? Pencil into your calendar time you will spend on your new projects and delete entries for projects that are complete or no longer important.

  • Write 3 things you want to forgive yourself for in the past year. Times you didn’t live up to your own expectations, a moment when you wish you had thought or acted differently, or perhaps it is time to forgive yourself for something you choose not to do. Create your own ritual based on forgiveness and compassion (not on shaming or berating yourself!) that could last from 5 minutes to 2 hours and schedule the time in your calendar for this forgiveness ritual. Be sure to include time at the end to reaffirm your love of self.

  • Look around your home space and notice if there is anywhere that needs fresh energy to carry you through the end of the year. Is it time to get the dust bunnies from under the couch, freshen the houseplants to breath new life into the coming fall, or donate a few shirts that no longer fit you or your style? Again- see it, schedule it, and do it!

If it feels like life is moving too fast and your not even sure what is important anymore, consider carving out a half or full day retreat to be silent, practice yoga, and take space. It is always amazing how much a break from routine can bring clarity to confusion!

 I love as a great free guide for beginners on how to structure this at-home retreat.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you feel any pull towards “getting yourself together” as we settle into late summer? What form does it take? Comment below, email, or post to share your ideas with our tribe!