How to (Not-So) Subtly Ask for a Massage

Many of my clients LOVE to receiving gift certificates for massage therapy. Whether a client comes in regularly and wants more massage therapy or if massage feels like an occasional special treat, massages make a great gift. I’ve seen massages gifted for birthdays, baby showers, to say “thank you”, and to say “I’m sorry”. One size fits all and I’ve never had one returned, but sometimes we can be shy about asking for what we really want. In my years as a massage therapist, I’ve also seen some pretty creative ways of asking for massage gift certificates.

  1. Take the slow route and leave hints. Open a tab for the massage therapist’s website on your loved-ones computer, leave the massage therapist’s business card on the kitchen counter or the refrigerator, or pull up their phone number on your loved-ones phone. (Disclaimer: I’ve seen this method take weeks to get results so please consider Tip #3.)
  2. Take the even slower route and let them know you are aching. Sit down on the couch each night rubbing your shoulders or moan and groan as you get out of bed each morning. 
  3. ASK. I know. It sounds so simple but this is the fastest and easiest way to let anyone know what you want to receive as a gift! Tell your loved-one or friend. Put it on your Wish List. Email it to Great Aunt Suzy. Let the gift-giver know, “I don’t want a new holiday sweater (or a new baby onesie), I want a massage!”
  4. When you ask, be specific. Let them know the massage therapist, location, and length of massage. It reassures that gift-giver that they are getting you exactly what you want. 
  5. Say thank you! This ensures a higher likely-hood of receiving massage again in the future. For a funnier thank you, snap a selfie when you get off the massage therapists table with your hair looking wild and your face gently-creased.
  6. If the first five tips fail, gift yourself a massage. Sometimes the best way to get exactly what you want it to give it to yourself!

I hope these ideas will help you ask for and receive an amazing massage this year. You deserve it!

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Faith Davis is the owner of Faith Davis Massage & Yoga LLC and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Boulder, Colorado since 2009. She is certified and specializes in Maternity Massage for pregnant and postpartum mamas as well as focusing on deep tissue and orthopedic bodywork for all populations. You can find her (and her new Instant Gift Certificates) online at