Fall Vision Board (September 2011)

Late summer is a transitional time of year.  For some of us, children are heading back to school and suddenly we find ourselves with free time. For others it feels like the freedoms of summer are coming to a close. The days alternate between scorching hot and the cool coming of winter. The transitions in nature mimic our inner transitions. Late summer is the time to re-evaluate your goals and dreams for 2012; to decide which are no longer important and which you want to carry through to fall and winter. 

While you could just sit around thinking about these transitions, I am a woman of action, and it helps me to take these ideas out of my head and put them onto paper.  One way I consciously sort out what I’m ready to get rid of and what I want to build on is to create a vision board. Vision boards spur creativity as you shape the rest of the year and they have the potential to be a beautiful reminder of your values and aspirations to keep on your wall or desk. 

  Your vision board will be unique to you, but remember that nothing is off limits. To start, spend a few minutes sitting down and breathing deeply or head out for a walk if you have been working indoors all day. Be somewhere that you can feel your brain unscramble and that allows you to breath freely. Get in touch not just with what is on your mind in the moment, but also with your vision of how you want to be and how you want to live the rest of your year.  

Brainstorm about what is going well in your life right now, what you are ready to change, and the values you feel are ever-present no matter the season of your year or life. Your medium of expression is up to you- be as creative as you want: colored-pencils, markers, crayons, collage, paint, and pens are only a few options. For some a vision board may be one word on a sticky note placed in a prominent place that inspires you every day. Others will spend a week making a collage and painting. 

The purpose of the vision board is to help guide you towards what you want in life and being more WHO you want to be this year.  Let it look however it needs to inspire YOU and no matter how it comes out feel proud that you took the time to live consciously. In the end it is the process, not the product that will be most inspiring.