Exfoliation (December 2010)

Looking for an inexpensive holiday treat for your friends or just a way to feel a little pampered in this hurried season? Look no further than this quick exfoliation recipe. 

Exfoliation has many benefits including increasing circulation, removing dead skin cells, and moisturizing dry skin. Exfoliating scrubs can be made of many different ingredients. I give a sugar scrub here because they are less drying than salt scrubs which makes them perfect for Colorado winters and appropriate for most skin types. I recommend using organic ingredients because the scrub is being applied to the bodies largest organ, the skin. The mixture is best used fresh but keeps for at least a week once mixed.  

With only two ingredients it could not be easier to treat yourself this holiday season. 


1 cup organic granulated sugar

1/2 cup organic carrier oil (You can use most any oil. For example almond, coconut, orgrapeseed. I prefer grapeseed oil because it is light, does not have a strong scent, and makes the mixture a beautiful emerald color.)

organic essential oil of your choice (optional)


1.) Mix the sugar and oil (and essential oil if you choose) in a small bowl until the ingredients are the consistency of wet sand. Sugar scrubs can be messy so apply in the shower or bath (best applied to dry skin) or in another area where it will be easy to rinse away any sugar residue. 

2.) Apply a generous amount of the scrub to a body part and rub vigorously with short strokes in the direction of the heart. Use a light pressure and remember you are only trying to get in contact with the top layer of skin, this is not a massage! Spend extra time at dry areas such as elbows and heels and less time with the sensitive chest and belly areas. For the most benefit work your own belly in the clockwise direction to flow with digestion. As with any skin treatment please be sensitive to your own body’s allergies and do not continue if any unusual redness or skin reactions occur. If you tend to have very sensitive skin or strong allergic reactions, please try on a small patch of skin first to be sure you have chosen a carrier oil and essential oil that work for you. 

Making a gift?

Put each ingredient separately into small glass jars with lids. For an especially festive look use white sugar, Grapeseed oil for the green tint, and red ribbon to tie the jars. Feel free to copy and print the directions for use from this blog- or even add a gift certificate for a massage to round off the spa gift!